Solar Heating

Access Pools provides, installs and repairs all existing brands solar heating.

Existing Solar Heating

We can assist with repairing and replacing the following:

  • Pumps
  • Controllers
  • Temperature gauges
  • Manifolds
  • Absorber material
  • Re attachment and strapping (tiled & tin)

New Solar Heating

Solar systems are economical and long life because they are simple – cold water pumped from your pool through solar absorbers on your hot roof collects heat as it makes the return trip to your pool.
The water temperature is managed by an electronic controller. You set your desired water temperature and operating times and forget it. You can also alter your settings at any time for a quick boost of heat, or to reduce the pool temperature during a heat wave.

In addition, we can save you money on these quality solar heating providers.

We can measure and quote on new solar heating installations. For an obligation free quotation please click here to Contact Us.