Solar Blankets

Talk to Access Pools today about getting a new pool solar cover for your swimming pool. They make cleaning your pool so much easier and also help keep the temperature stable when using solar heating or gas pool heating.

When used with one of our robotic pool cleaners you will be amazed at how clean and clear your pool water will be.

1. Reduce Water Evaporation

Depending on the climate and rainfall in your area, an average pool 50,000 litre pool will lose between 100 and 200 litres of water every day. When Access Pools install a premium solar blanket you will stop 97% of water evaporation.

2. Reduce Heat Loss

10% of heat is lost by conduction (into the ground) and convection (warm water touches cool water in the pool and shares the heat). A further 20% is lost by radiation (heat radiating into the air), and 70% goes with the water as it evaporates from the pool surface. Our custom fitted solar blankets will hold 85% of the heat in the pool water.

3. Bubbles Increase Heat

The bubbles in pool blankets contain air, which is rapidly warmed by the sun. The warm air trapped in the bubbles transfers heat to the pool water and can increase your pool water temperature by up to 8 degrees centigrade.

Our solar blankets have about 11,500 bubbles per square metre – about 40% more than other cheaper blankets.

4. Reduce Dirt and Debris

Airborne debris, dirt and dust may settle on your garden un-noticed. When they land in your pool, they look unsightly and contaminate the water. Our professionally installed solar blankets prevent up to 90% of this air-borne rubbish from getting into your pool.

5. Reduce Chemical Loss

Another important benefit of a solar pool blanket is it will help keep pool chemicals in the water. Our solar blankets can reduce chemical and salt loss by up to 50%.


Access Pools also fit, deliver and install solar blanket rollers.

Why use a solar blanket roller:

  • Minimises the potential to damage the bubble material
  • Saves space and time
  • Large crank handle
  • Large wheels for easy relocation
  • Pool area safer and tidier
  • Protects your solar blanket investment.

Your friendly Access Pools technician can provide sample cover material in a variety of colours ranging in thickness from 300 to 500 microns.