EcoFinish System with aquaBRIGHT

aquaBRIGHT used with EcoFinish is a new extensive lasting, maintenance free pool surfacing system utilising the latest technology from the USA.

Offering a range of colors to suits all styles of pools, aquaBRIGHT uses polymeric compounds that can last up to 100 years. EcoFinish give a 10 year pro rata warranty and we give 2 years warranty on workmanship. EcoFinish leads the industry as no other surface has a warranty like this. EcoFinish once and it should last the life time of the swimming pool.

EcoFinish is known as the Teflon of pool surfaces. Staining, fading, pool degradation will be the thing of the past. It does not affect water chemistry – being PH neutral, waterline tiles don’t need to be applied. If that’s the look you’re after. Algae issues are no longer a problem. EcoFinish and aquaBRIGHT also provides a waterproof membrane to insulate and protect the pool shell which keeps the heat in your pool, lowering the cost of pool heaters or solar pump usage.

There is a complete range of stylish colours to choose from that won’t fade over time, while the surface of the finish is engineered to be a soft feeling material. aquaBRIGHT has been used for both residential and commercial pool / water park resurfacing projects around the world since 2008.

Tech Talk – Performance Copolymer Coating

AquaBright™ is a copolymer of ethylene and methacrylic acid, made with nominally 10 wt% methacrylic acid. It is inherently flexible without the need for plasticizers. The resin is pigmented and UV-stabilized for exterior pool applications.

Aqua Bright™ is a revolutionary pool finish that virtually eliminates all of traditional plaster and paint coating weaknesses and shortcomings. It is resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching. It cures in seconds and is extremely durable. Aqua Bright is very eco-friendly because it greatly reduces the use of chemicals to balance pH. Also, the amount of fossil fuels needed to mine, transport and apply plaster are no longer used. So, whether you are renovating or building a new swimming pool, AquaBright is the wave of the future when seeking a plaster or paint alternative for your swimming pool project.

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